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  • We transport all kinds of goods, including classification of ADR.
  • We ship traditional goods and the goods were loaded by crane from above.
  • Among our main destination belongs Western Europe, where it is going about 70% of our transport volume.
  • We are able to provide transportation of your goods, professionally to all destinations in Europe in both, the export and import.
  • We also provide transportation incomplete shipments, ie. those that does not fills the entire transmission capacity of the transport vehicle completely.
  • We collect the goods, even small items
  • If you are interested, we provide free advice in regard to transport goods and offer the best solution.
  • We mostly use Iveco and Man vehicles with masses up to 3.5 t, to 7.5 t, to 12 t, to 24 t, and we are able to transport cargo up to 120 m3 and a loading length of 15.4 m

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